We could say what we think we’re good at but here’s what others have to say

SEA are an established social enterprise with a global reach and high profile in our sector. We’ve never really nailed down our sales process or had a serious think about pricing, and as we’ve continued to grow, the need for a more structured approach became obvious … so we invited Andy at Din Eidyn Growth to help us out.

Throughout this potentially uneasy process, Andy’s engagement with the SEA team ensured they felt relaxed, engaged and very positive about the whole process. That no-one felt threatened or uneasy was a testament to Andy’s supportive and easy manner. The assignment deliverable, over several weeks, was an evidenced report, outlining the areas of the business we might want to develop and the processes we could follow.

We’re now well underway with implementing the sales strategy, and we’ve continued to involve Andy as a ‘critical friend’ in the process. The impact of this work is already evident in the business in a very instrumental sense. Longer term, Andy’s input has enabled a paradigm shift in how we approach sales, the benefits of which will be felt for many years.

David Bryan

Social Enterprise Academy

“Andy helped me and the Pawprint team validate our business proposition, refine our go-to-market strategy and build a small (but high quality) sales team over a seven month period.  I’ve worked in B2B globally for almost two decades, and rate Andy as the best sales leader I’ve come across.  His ability to identify and communicate value in a wide variety of situations, and to people from very different backgrounds, is outstanding.”

Christian Arno

Founder & CEO at Pawprint

“Din Eidyn Growth provided a very helpful external perspective on our existing commercial processes.  Andy brought his considerable experience to bear, while working collaboratively with our team to identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement.”

John Feddersen

Co-Founder & CEO at Aurora Energy Research

“It’s been a pleasure working with Andy of Din Eidyn Growth.  He oozes experience and expertise, and applies it in an engaging, impactful and empathetic manner.  His advice to Delta-EE has been both insightful and actionable, helping us to develop our sales organisation and strategy for accelerating revenue growth.”

Andy Bradley

Director at Delta-EE

“Over the 15 years that I have worked with Andy, he has shown himself to be a proven and consistent winner. He knows how to build high performing, growth orientated sales teams with a great team spirit. His values are exemplary and he knows how to create an environment where high quality people can grow and develop. These skills have been developed across the world and across numerous business cycles. He is also highly adaptable as he has shown his skills can be applied across a range of sectors and commercial offerings. I would thoroughly recommend Andy as someone to work with.”

Stephen Halliday

Chairman , Aistemos

“Andy built me a growing and balanced business from scratch and he did this away from the support of the core business. He demonstrated skill in all aspects of growing a business, from the vision to the plan, to the people and finally the execution. I’d highly recommend him to help any business looking to grow and needing some help from someone who has faced and overcome all the myriad of challenges. And all with good grace.”

Jim Dyer


“As a born collaborator, Andy listens carefully and makes his thoughts clear. Whilst his experience allows him to give pertinent advice in new situations, his style means that he gets that advice over eloquently and constructively. What also comes across when working with Andy is that he has a set of core sales principles which work with any product (from oil and gas equipment to cutting edge AI solutions) and that he understands these deeply and can apply them in any new situation. The numbers speak for themselves and I’d encourage any business owner to consider working with Andy to improve their sales performance.”

Alan Murray

Finance Director, Speech Graphics Ltd

“I had the opportunity to work with Andy on two key commercial projects at Wood Mackenzie. Andy has a knack of seeing the big picture whilst also quickly focussing on the key things that need addressing. His strategic mind with a commercial focus shines through and practically supports quick decision making and commercial results. Andy is an accomplished leader with a broad spectrum of experience across different sectors and cultures and is a natural at developing others and business growth through his passion for people and results.

Andy puts his belief and energy behind individuals and business goals making it easy to unite and cooperate across teams. Andy is disciplined and structured in his approach so not only owns the purpose but drives the work to deliver it. Andy is fun to work with, engages and involves people in discussions and tries for commonly agreed solutions.

Andy is capable, credible and professional. I would highly recommend working with Andy to achieve both personal and business growth.”

Jane Howe

Learning & Development Specialist

“I highly recommend Andy as a business mentor and coach. At Wood Mackenzie, Andy was my mentor for several years, helping me through promotions and successful role interviews. What really stands out with Andy is his friendly, approachable style, underpinned by a sharp strategic mind. He always cuts through the noise, and comes up with a strong action plan. His ideas always impressed me – with thorough, well thought-out steps, but always achievable.
Andy was generous with his time, helping ensure I had the best possible preparation for any business tasks ahead. As well as goal-oriented mentoring and coaching, Andy was a great sounding board for discussion on leadership and communication skills, crucial for navigating senior roles in the company.”

Malcolm Dickson

Research Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Andy to launch a new line of business. He was an excellent partner to work with and brought real depth of experience in new business development”

Andy Tidey

Senior Vice President, Energy and Natural Resources Consulting