Eidyn was the region around modern Edinburgh in Britain’s sub-Roman and early medieval periods, during the 5th to 7th centuries. It centred on the stronghold of Din Eidyn, thought to have been at Castle Rock, now the site of Edinburgh Castle.

Just like Castle Rock, businesses require a strong foundation from which to grow, and at Din Eidyn Growth we work with Edinburgh business owners to achieve their goals and ambitions from the solid base they’ve already established.


Over 30 years commercial and sales leadership experience, including several overseas assignments, much of it gained in the energy sector.

Andy’s expertise has been developed working for both large corporations and having spent over 10 years as a sales leader of a fast growth, high performing SME. His specialist areas are sales leadership, strategy and business build, new market entry and growth of recurring revenue, as well as delivering in many diverse cultures. He has a particular interest in sales development and enabling top performance.

Having worked in such varied roles, Andy brings a range of perspectives and approaches that can challenge and support any business owner to achieve their aspirations. His real passion is helping businesses get more focused and aligned on what’s important to them and their customers. Andy’s role with Din Eidyn Growth allows him to do exactly that.

Andy also owns and operates The Alternative Board® (TAB) in Edinburgh. TAB helps forward-thinking Edinburgh business owners grow their businesses, increase profitability and improve their lives by participating in local business advisory boards, one-to-one coaching sessions, and by using TAB’s business tools and services. Board members meet monthly to learn from one another’s successes and mistakes to grow their businesses to the next level.

Andy is a graduate of Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Materials Science which was later supplemented by an MBA.

our expertise. Underpinned by 30 years commercial experience


High Growth SME’s
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Achieving Sales Excellence
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