At Din Eidyn Growth we want to empower SME business owners in Edinburgh to achieve sales excellence by offering a range of advisory services focussing on your customers, your processes and your people.


  • Value Proposition Development
    Concentrating on your product’s benefits (not just features) and focussing on value created
  • Build Stronger B2B Relationships
    Navigating your customers heirarchy, their complex sales cycles and achieving successful negotiation outcomes
  • Sales Opportunity Heatmaps
    Identifying the highest probability of success to grow


  • Sales Process Diagnostics
    An immersive review for owners and leaders wanting a holistic assessment of their business, identifying gaps and bottlenecks, and keeping the revenue climbing
  • Market Assessments
    Applying proven methods for new territories or verticals
  • Sales Pipeline Development and Management
    Enabling productive sales teams to focus on the things that matter most to grow the business


  • Sales Leader Coaching and Mentoring
    Development through a passion for people and results, aligning on what’s important, with simple and practical advice
  • Attract and Retain High Performing Sales Talent
    Uncover the correct screening criteria for your business and ensure the right fit
  • Professionalise Sales Teams
    Developing teams to embrace new ideas and increase overall sales performance

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Rapidly changing market conditions force companies to quickly update traditional day-to-day operations. In today’s environment, you have to be fast and nimble in order to seize opportunities, rise above challenges and respond to changing times.

Din Eidyn Growth own and operate The Alternative Board® (TAB) in Edinburgh. TAB helps business owners and leaders confidently see new opportunities and achieve their strategic goals.

Why go it alone when you’re faced with important and complex decisions? Experience tight-knit relationships with other business leaders who expertly guide you, challenge you to think critically — and who genuinely care.

There are clear benefits of a TAB Membership for your Business:

  • Be Empowered By Others
    Practical, real-world advice from other successful business owners on our advisory boards
  • Improve Your Leadership Skills
    A different perspective on the issues and opportunities facing your business
  • Facilitate Your Business Growth
    Access to proven strategic business planning processes with our Business Builder’s Toolkit

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